I paused my music for this. Worth it.

you have no idea how worth it this video is


pairing you really love


pairing you couldn’t give a shit about even if you tried



pupside down


oh I have a thing tomorrow? guess I’ll go to bed at 2 AM instead of 3 AM



Pokemon TCG Illustrator Sakuba Tokiya draws Pokemon Fusions. And they’re amazing.

Dat lumpyass Sawkpuff though.

Me: "Oh my god, I have so many games I still need to play."
Me: "They're just sitting here on a shelf."
Me: "I should REALLY play them."
Me: "I'm gonna play *insert game that I've played a billion times already* again."




I love this so much

its just typing. i could do that.

yeah, but you didn’t

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Excuse me. I’m not in a great place right now. I have a hard time getting every next word out. I will try my best though, for a good reason.

I have two great friends, Crona and Eft.

Eft has been one of the best things to ever happen to me, no understatement. Fae brims with creativity, wisdom, and love, no matter what fae is doing. Acting, drawing, talking, laughing, walking, breathing - Eft just has a beautiful aura like no other in everything fae touches. To meet Eft is to be touched with a great gift. I began to smile more ever since we met.

Crona and I have become closer friends very recently, but very quickly I knew I would never want to let neb down. When I think of someone who puts one’s entire heart into things that matter, it’s Crona that comes to mind. It can be spreading laughter, or buckling down on issues that mean the world to neb, or even supporting me when neb’s own world is crumbling - absolutely anything. I see 100% Crona in everything neb brings, and I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have a friend like neb. I’m so lucky.

I don’t want friends this precious to have to suffer what they have been anymore, though. To be without safe homes, or safety nets, without enough money to even know if they can be off the streets just to escape abuse they never asked for. They never asked for this. They do not deserve it.

Not everyone has money, I know this. I am poor myself. But no one has to be a millionaire to be helpful. It’s so tough, god I know it is tough. But one cent, five cents, a dollar, two dollars, something spare you found, please believe it has a value. It is worth something to share even the smallest amount you can manage. Crona and Eft need enough money to start somewhere.

[ Here is their GoFundMe, started on July 12th, that still needs attention. ]

Signal boost this if you can, PLEASE donate if you can. Your 60 cents and someone else’s 40 cents makes a dollar. Your 5 cents and someone else’s $4.95 is already 5 dollars. Hell, I don’t know if you can donate cents, but I just need you to know nothing is too small. Anything is something. As long as my friends can live the way they deserve to without the shit they have to go through.

Everyone deserves that.

Please please, donate if possible, signal boost absolutely. Ask if anyone can spare something. You will have all of my thanks, I wish I could stress how much it means.

With their permission, I will also make small drawings for anyone who donates $30 or more on top of the perks for those reward levels, with examples below:


[ x, x, x ]

I’m capable of drawing all of these with a short prompt, preferably just (character name) and leaving interpretation open.

These aren’t full-blown commissions after all, but tempting little bonus options in exchange for donating to my friends, because donations have trickled significantly lately when they both still need the help.


Take my Revolution

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