French Bulldog puppy argues bedtime

no way. no way. absolutely not. no.

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My roommates cat is magic

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"the year of luigi is over"


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i scanned a few school doodles on my computer and i felt like coloring one  

space dandy or death note

space dandy is a dandy guy with a pompodour and a cat guy are on a wacky space adventure to do. things. in one episode they searched for the finest ramen. in another they were tofu zombies. it’s like if johnny bravo and cowboy bebop had a baby

death note?

some tool named light gets a magic notebook from the deathgod, ryuk, who really fuckin loves apples. if he had junk, he’d probably fuck the apples. and light is all teenage boy with a god complex, thinking he’s better than literally everyone, and decides to become god. so he starts killing people he deems unworthy. criminals, mostly

this guy L is like “nah son” and seeks to investigate him. both are pretentious little shits, thinking they’re the best, using the people around them as pawns in their game. you know. for funsies.

so then misa is like “wow i wanna jump kira’s bones and join him as his goddess” so she finds him and does basically whatever he wants and serves as fanbait for a lot of people

it’s all this really complicated pretentious stuff that i really wasn’t a fan of. ahahaha you ahve uncovered me, anon. i know death note.

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i win 


there are nine people and nine doors and nine hours

junpei is a nerd with a terrible sense of fashion. he’s on a boat and he makes terrible jokes. he meets clover who is. i don’t know much about clover other than i once got into a fight with someone because he was like “YES ITS PERFECTLY NORMAL FOR ANYONE TO BE WEARING THIS” and i’m like “NO YOU DUNCE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONSCIENTIOUS CLOTHING AND CHARACTER DESIGN, AND SOMEONE DESIGNED THAT CHARACTER WITH THE SPECIFIC INTENTION OF HER BEING FANBOY BAIT”

there’s also a belly dancer and. uhh.

there’s an axe ending???????????????????????????

it’s sad????????????????????????????????????????????

… ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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» test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can


i can actually make handwritten things when i’m not in class

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